Nobody knows better than you how important the contents in your mobile device are whether its an iPhone or Android!

When your mobile device stops working your life comes to a complete stop. Not only are important memories such as your pictures, videos emails and other files that are priceless to you but your ability to communicate is also affected. Imagine having a job interview or important doctor’s appointment. You might need such applications as google maps to help you navigate their or a phone number to call to confirm your appointment. Imagine you have to pick up some groceries and that list is sitting on your mobile device and can’t be retrieved because its screen is shattered. Have you been in that moment of despair when you forgot to charge your mobile device and also don’t have a charging cable and at that crucial moment it dies. We’ve all been there but you can always ask a friendly bystander, friend or uber driver for a charge. Such is not the case when it busts or breaks. That’s when things really hit the fan. We have provided some quick examples and to drive the point further according to the Miami Herald, two iPhone screens break every second in the United States, wow that’s a lot of screens (!

So you are not alone when it comes to this happening to you. Now here’s the good news. Should you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament, you are in luck. There are also a couple of options.


Some individuals get a third party insurance such as Asurion or Square Trade from their insurance carriers (Tech Armor is a Square Trade Authorized Partner). There is also the option of getting coverage by purchasing Apple Care through Apple. In addition there are shops that specialize in servicing mobile devices. There are pro and cons to both. With the third party in some cases you have to ship out your old device and lose all your data unless you have means to back it up or had backed it up before the damage occurred. For many individuals the data such as pictures, videos, and other important files is often more important than the device itself. In addition you may have to wait a couple of days to get your new device, particularly being in a remote isolated location like Hawaii. With Apple care it may take hours or a couple of days depending on the location which you take it to and under this pandemic the delays may be even longer for an appointment. Now how many people can be without their mobile device more than a couple of hours? Perhaps you are that exception but that would make you the exception and not the rule. Now for the third party shops one of the advantages is that they may be quick often less than an hour and in many cases you can simply walk in without needing an appointment. In addition your data is not touched so as soon as the physical part of the phone is serviced, such as the screen or battery, all your corresponding data is right there. Another advantage may be that it may be cheaper as sometimes taking it to your carrier may require a steep deductible often $200+ and through apple care depending on the extent of the damage such as the frame, based on their very sensitive calibrations, their system may reject the part as an option and you would have to purchase a replacement while getting a credit for your old device often much less than it could sell for in working condition.



So we have provided some context on the importance of your mobile device but you already know that. We shared some options to protect your device such as insurance from your carrier, Apple Care, and utilizing third party shops. Should you be in a hurry, want to get an honest estimate, save money, and safeguard your important information, then you should consider Tech Armor, Hawaii’s fast convenient iPhone service in Honolulu and Maui. They also service Samsung, iPad and laptops. They have three convenient locations at The Ala Moana Center, Sheraton Waikiki on Oahu and Whaler’s Village in Lahaina Maui. Tech Armor has for over 10 years specialized in fixing electronic devices. Just check out some of what other customers have to say about them . They are a veteran locally owned business. Don’t take our word for it, check out their reviews and give them a call for a free quote, you might not just save time, money but most important of all, they have good track record and could bring back that life, behind that screen, your memories, pictures, videos and emails. For more information visit

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